The Phenomenal Student: Parental Involvement

The Phenomenal Student: Parental Involvement When I first announced to friends and colleagues that Parental Involvement would be a part of my Phenomenal Student rubric, many asked: “What about helicopter parents?” I understood why they asked the question. The four words no teacher wants to hear is “They’re a PTO parent.” Personally, I’ve had aContinue reading “The Phenomenal Student: Parental Involvement”

A Phenomenal Reflection: “They Were Phenomenal”

As I press forward with the blog, I’ll post former Reflections of my first few years as teacher. Here’s the first. It’s a Reflection that I wrote at the end of last year where 91 percent of my kids passed the Reading S.T.A.A.R. and 87 percent passed the Math S.T.A.A.R. They earned it, too. TheyContinue reading “A Phenomenal Reflection: “They Were Phenomenal””

The Phenomenal Student: Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset? Growth mindset, coined by Dr.Carol Dweck, operates on the belief that a person’s basic abilities can be developed through dedication and perseverance. On the other hand, if a person has a “fixed mindset”, then they don’t believe that their intelligence or other characteristics can change. Dweck’s TED Talk “Developing A GrowthContinue reading “The Phenomenal Student: Growth Mindset”

The Phenomenal Student: Leadership

The Phenomenal Student: Leadership To be a leader, a person must exhibit several characteristics. And once they become a leader, they must work to hone that skill. For a student to be a Phenomenal Leader, they must excel in five key areas. Responsible: Is the scholar responsible? Do they always return paperwork? Can you trustContinue reading “The Phenomenal Student: Leadership”

The Phenomenal Student: Behavior

The Phenomenal Student: Behavior Student behavior. It seems that teachers, at times, talk about that more than kid’s academic ability. So, I found it fitting to make it part of The Phenomenal Student rating scale. But before I reveal my behavior rubric, I wanted to share a few techniques that helped me turn problem child’sContinue reading “The Phenomenal Student: Behavior”

The Phenomenal Student

To not bury the lead, the Phenomenal Student is a ten point scale that evaluates the overall student to give you a true Learner profile. It’s broken down into three categories: intangibles, non-academic factors, academics factors. After students are evaluated, they are broken into six different categories. 100(Phenomenal Student) 90-99 (Superstar Student) 80-89 (All-Star Student)Continue reading “The Phenomenal Student”