Testimonial: Kerstin Owen, Kindergarten Teacher

I am a kindergarten teacher working in a title one at risk elementary and middle school. Last year, we adopted a new reading program that works well. However, with the student population that I had I was having a hard time getting them to focus and master phonics, reading comprehension and fluency. At my wits end, I contacted Jeremiah Short and asked him for some advice on how to help my students improve on their phonics spelling and reading comprehension and fluency.

Mr. Short and I sat down and he guided me through his Phenomenal Word Power technique. I felt to have this arsenal in my pocket because of the success I had heard he had with it in the classroom.

The next day, I went to school and presented the lesson with my scholars and continued the method each day. At the end of the first week my lower students went from failing their spelling tests to passing and my higher scholars aced their test.

Throughout the school year, I incorporated the program in conjunction with our schools adopted reading program. The results were phenomenal. My scholars showed growth at the end of the year testing in Reading. Out of 12 students, 7 students scored benchmark or above in our schools testing program. The other five students went from well below to below improving their tests score by 20-30 points over all. On their EOY Reading Map test everyone of my scholars went up improving their scores from 7-30 points overall.

This program is proven to work. I can’t wait to start off the year with the Phenomenal Word Power and see the results my scholars will have this year.

Kerstin Owen, Kindergarten Teacher

Published by Jeremiah Short

My name is Jeremiah Short, and I'm a educator with six years of experience. I love to teach and the overall craft of the profession. I've written one book on my journey(As I Took My Walk With God Volume I: I Stopped Wasting God's Time) with a second one way (As I Took My Walk With God Volume II: Greatness Was Upon Them). In addition to writing books, I've created several instructional routines: Word Power, T.I.D.E., Bloom's Units: Reading and The Phenomenal Classroom.

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