An Evolution of Bloom’s: Making It Real

An Evolution of Bloom’s: Making It Real

Over the past three years, I have structured Instructional units with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind. First, I utilized it with Reading, which produced results. Then, I created a Word Study cycle called “Phenomenal Word Power”, which also yielded positive outcomes (2.4 years growth). 

Even with the success of the instructional approach, I wanted to take it to the next level, so I combined Bloom’s Taxonomy, DOK (Depth of Knowledge) and Real World activities.

Intro: Relatable Lessons

About two months ago, I created lessons with objectives, an instructional purpose, embedded skill(s), correlating Bloom’s level and suggested duration. In addition to a stated purpose, the lessons are relatable. Kids connect reading skills while on the playground, hanging with friends, and in conversations with their parents.

Methodology: Mastery Checklist

As an assessment of a student’s skills, they’re given a student response sheet, which has questions to answer (with scaffolds built in). Upon completion, there’s a checklist to ensure mastery.

Sample “Making It Real: Reading” Student Response Sheet

Discussion: Supplemental Lessons

To be clear, these lessons are not intended to be a curriculum. They’re supplemental activities that lower the affective filter and help students make Real World Connections.

How do you incorporate it with what you’re already doing? It’s up to your discretion. These lessons can be used for introduction, closure, small group or a whole group “Character” lesson. 

In conclusion, the lessons are differentiated, rigorous and “Make School Real.” 

Making It Real:

Be Phenomenal, Mr. Short

Up Next: Bloom’s Book Study

Published by Jeremiah Short

My name is Jeremiah Short, and I'm a educator with six years of experience. I love to teach and the overall craft of the profession. I've written one book on my journey(As I Took My Walk With God Volume I: I Stopped Wasting God's Time) with a second one way (As I Took My Walk With God Volume II: Greatness Was Upon Them). In addition to writing books, I've created several instructional routines: Word Power, T.I.D.E., Bloom's Units: Reading and The Phenomenal Classroom.

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