Phenomenal Review: Building Better Writers

Last month, I received an advanced reader copy of “Building Better Writers”  by Natalia Heckman, a Seidlitz Education consultant. In the offering, she provides practical writing instruction to teachers of Emergent Bilingual, ESL, and traditional students.  I poured through the resource in two weeks…highlighting and making notes. After finishing it, I’d like to provide insightContinue reading “Phenomenal Review: Building Better Writers”

Phenomenal Reflection: “It’s New But I Like It”

Science of Reading vs. Balanced Literacy has caused debate in homes, academic, and social media circles. SOR proponents have lamented the effectiveness of Balanced Literacy. Balanced Literacy advocates have argued that SOR focuses too much on phonics.  While I’ve never stated a side in the debate, I didn’t realize until recently that I was aContinue reading “Phenomenal Reflection: “It’s New But I Like It””

Phenomenal Instruction: Conduct A Video-Aloud

A couple of weeks ago, I released a #TalkingThursday: Be Intentional About Your Read-Aloud.  While read-alouds are an effective tool to introduce or review skills, a video-aloud is an effective option, as well. You may ask: What’s a video-aloud? Video-Alouds consist of playing a commercial, YouTube, Live-Action, Pixar or Disney clip for your students. ThroughoutContinue reading “Phenomenal Instruction: Conduct A Video-Aloud”

Phenomenal Instruction: Don’t Teach In Isolation

Last week, I wrote about Teaching With Backwards Design, which was a piece of advice given to me by a friend and fellow educator, Khaleel Lott, during the 2017-2018 school year. Another comment from him resonated with me that year, as well: “I don’t teach anything in isolation.” The words ring true because you can’tContinue reading “Phenomenal Instruction: Don’t Teach In Isolation”

Phenomenal Instruction: Teach With Backwards Design

Khaleel Lott, a co-worker and friend, bellowed to me(a 2nd-year teacher): Short, you’re good at teaching with Backwards Design. Me(In My Head): What the heck is Backwards Design?  In the years since, I’ve learned that it’s planning lessons with the goal of reaching a desired objective.  For example, let’s take this TEK(Texas Based Standard): 3.8(C)Continue reading “Phenomenal Instruction: Teach With Backwards Design”

#FlashbackFriday: The Greatness Talk

An anecdote from As I Took My Walk With God II: Greatness Was Upon Them.  The Greatness Talk Place: Greatness Room, Late In 2016-2017 School Year Intro: Do Your Part Opening the talk, I let the kids know that 16 of them would have passed the Math Benchmark if they had correctly bubbled in theirContinue reading “#FlashbackFriday: The Greatness Talk”

Phenomenal Instruction: Add A Student(Do)

Traditionally, the gradual release follows this structure: I(Do), We(Do), You(Do). It’s a simple but efficient method to teach multiple subjects. A few years ago, I added an additional component to the model: Student(Do).  What is a Student(Do)? It’s where a peer, after initial instruction, models how to answer the question or correct a sentence. ToContinue reading “Phenomenal Instruction: Add A Student(Do)”

#WisdomWednesday: “Hone Your Skill Set”

Last week, I took part in two training sessions. One on Adobe applications and another strengthening my knowledge of data and how to use it properly.  Monday, I looked to grow my skills further by attending a Google L1/L2 certification training. I’m pretty good with a few Google Workspace applications(Sheets, Docs, and Drive) but IContinue reading “#WisdomWednesday: “Hone Your Skill Set””