A Phenomenal Reflection: “Take Some ‘Me’ Time”

The outside of Kyle Field.

Sunday’s Reflection: “Take Some ‘Me’ Time”

As I took my Walk, I thought about how we must Take Some Me Time.

Last Saturday, I attended the Texas A&M versus Mississippi State football game, but it almost didn’t come to fruition.


I almost put professional over personal. My district was holding a Teacher Leadership Summit the same day as the game. So, I had a choice: Go to the leadership training or game.

On Thursday, I still hadn’t decided. Then I talked with my teammates, and they immediately said that should go to the game and take some time for myself, which is a foreign concept. I’m the same person who was planning at a family gathering and taught an instructional strategy at a wedding.(I still have the napkin. 😊)

While it was against my workaholic nature, I bought a ticket to the game and reserved a seat on the Mississippi State Alumni bus traveling to the matchup.

Saturday morning, I rode to the game. It was a relaxing experience. (I was able to get my Guided Reading progression done for the nine weeks done, though. I couldn’t resist.)

About two hours later, we arrived at College Station(Bad traffic.). Sadly, due to the late arrival, I couldn’t tailgate and had to walk directly to Kyle Field(Texas A&M’s football field).

The Dawgs lost 49-30, but the overall gameday experience was refreshing. I got to see my squad, absorb the Aggie gameday traditions(always liked them) and the governor made an appearance.

Following the showdown, I chopped it up with some fellow Bulldogs about the state of the program. For some reason, no one agreed that Garrett Shrader is the future at tight end, not quarterback.

Burned out from the game and talking, I vegged out on the way back to Houston. I spent the rest the weekend recharging the batteries.

With a new energy, my classroom was electric throughout the week. My kids rocked Guided Reading, 2-Digit Subtraction, learned more about their Community Helpers, Magnetism and had some P.I.E(Persuade, Inform, Entertain).

They showed their learning everywhere. One child uploaded a video of her singing the P.I.E. song on the way home. Kids solved 2-Digit problems during Indoor Recess and Dance-Off Friday. And when they were in the library, a few kids opined that the machine they were using had magnets in it and “We’re learning about Magnetism.”

I loved it.

Reflecting, it’s hard for me to think of self when I’m charged with  developing the next generation, but if they’re going to be 100 percent, I must be 100 percent.

Take Some Me Time.

I leave you with two things.

1. Are you able to take me time?

2. What would happen if you did?

*For my Facebook friends, a companion daily questions is available upon request.

Jeremiah Short, Educator

Published by Jeremiah Short

My name is Jeremiah Short, and I'm a educator with six years of experience. I love to teach and the overall craft of the profession. I've written one book on my journey(As I Took My Walk With God Volume I: I Stopped Wasting God's Time) with a second one way (As I Took My Walk With God Volume II: Greatness Was Upon Them). In addition to writing books, I've created several instructional routines: Word Power, T.I.D.E., Bloom's Units: Reading and The Phenomenal Classroom.

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