The Phenomenal Student: Growth Mindset

Fostering a Growth Mindset culture in your classroom will change your learning environment.

What is Growth Mindset? Growth mindset, coined by Dr.Carol Dweck, operates on the belief that a person’s basic abilities can be developed through dedication and perseverance.

On the other hand, if a person has a “fixed mindset”, then they don’t believe that their intelligence or other characteristics can change.

Dweck’s TED Talk “Developing A Growth Mindset.”

Is it applicable to teaching? Very.

If a student has a growth mindset, they’ll not only be open to correction and coaching but will welcome it. But a student with a fixed mindset will be a bit more stubborn.

To incorporate it into your classroom, you must put more focus on a student’s hard work, not their intelligence. Dweck’s research shows that the scholars who are praised for their work ethic are more likely to welcome new challenges.

How do you assess it? Easy. There are several tests that you can find on the internet.

Growth Mindset Quiz.

Once you test the kids, you can rate them according to where they fall on the Growth Mindset spectrum.

My sample rubric.

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Jeremiah Short, Influencer/Teacher

Published by Jeremiah Short

My name is Jeremiah Short, and I'm a educator with six years of experience. I love to teach and the overall craft of the profession. I've written one book on my journey(As I Took My Walk With God Volume I: I Stopped Wasting God's Time) with a second one way (As I Took My Walk With God Volume II: Greatness Was Upon Them). In addition to writing books, I've created several instructional routines: Word Power, T.I.D.E., Bloom's Units: Reading and The Phenomenal Classroom.

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