The Phenomenal Student: Leadership

Phenomenal Leaders lead from the fornt

The Phenomenal Student: Leadership

To be a leader, a person must exhibit several characteristics. And once they become a leader, they must work to hone that skill.

For a student to be a Phenomenal Leader, they must excel in five key areas.

  • Responsible: Is the scholar responsible? Do they always return paperwork? Can you trust them with a classroom job or basic task? Most importantly, can you rely on them.
  • Self-Starter: It an important trait for every leader. Phenomenal leaders don’t need to be poked or prodded to start a project. They just get it done.
  • Works Well With Others: Of course, if you’re a leader, you’re leading people. So, you must get along with others. With this criterion, though, I caution teachers to understand that G/T(Gifted/Talented) students sometimes get frustrated with peers who don’t move at their speed. Don’t punish them too much for having a different expectation level.
  • Participates In Class: Leaders lead. Some students are quiet. But you can’t lead from behind.
  • Critical Thinker: Every Phenomenal leader critically thinks, creates new structures and figures out ways to solve problems.

If a student is a Phenomenal Leader, they can be used as examples to other students, fill roles around the classroom and tutor other students.

Here’s the rubric for determining if a student is a Phenomenal Leader.

Saturday: The Phenomenal Student(Growth Mindset)

Jeremiah Short, Influencer/Teacher

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My name is Jeremiah Short, and I'm a educator with six years of experience. I love to teach and the overall craft of the profession. I've written one book on my journey(As I Took My Walk With God Volume I: I Stopped Wasting God's Time) with a second one way (As I Took My Walk With God Volume II: Greatness Was Upon Them). In addition to writing books, I've created several instructional routines: Word Power, T.I.D.E., Bloom's Units: Reading and The Phenomenal Classroom.

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